Central Agricultural University, Imphal Recruitment Notification For Various Teaching and Non Teaching Posts

Central Agricultural University, Imphal invites applications in the prescribed form for filling up the following posts

(A) CAU Headquarters

Sl. No. Name of Post No. of Vacancy
1. Director Instruction 1-UR
2. Dy. Director (Instruction) 2-UR
3. Dy. Director (Research) 1-UR
4. Dy. Registrar (Academic) 1-UR
5. Dy. Registrar (Establishment ) 1-UR
6. Assistant Architect 1-UR
  Total: 7

(B) College of Agriculture, Imphal, Manipur.

Sl. No. Name of the post No. of Vacancy
I Dean 1-UR
II Associate Professor 5
1. Horticulture   1-OBC
2. Biochemistry   1-OBC
3. Agril. Statistics   1-SC
4. Animal Husbandry   1-UR
5. Extension Education   1-UR
Total: 6

(C) College of Veterinary Science & A.H., Selesih, Mizoram.


Sl. No. Name of the post No. of Vacancy
I Dean 1-UR
II Associate Professor 5
1. Veterinary Parasitology   1-UR
2. Vety. Surgery & Radiology   1-UR
3. Livestock Product Technology   1-SC
4. Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension   1-UR
5. Veterinary Physiology   1-UR
III Assistant Professor 1
I. *Veterinary Parasitology *1-UR
Total : 7

(D) College of Fisheries, Lembucherra, Tripura

Sl. No. Name of the post No. of Vacancy
I Associate Professor 4
1. Fish Genetics & Reproduction 1-UR
2. Fisheries Engineering 1-OBC
3. Fisheries Resources Management 1-OBC
4. Fisheries Economics & Statistics 1-SC
II Assistant Professor 4
1. Fish Environment and Health 1-UR
2. Aquaculture 1-UR
3. Fisheries Extension 1-UR
4. Aquaculture Engineering 1-UR
5. *Fish Genetics & Reproduction * 1-UR
  Total: 9

(E) College of Horticulture & Forestry, Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh.


Sl. No. Name of the post No. of Vacancy
I Dean 1-UR
II Associate Professor 10
1. Extension Education & Rural Sociology 1-UR
2. Forest Product Utilization 1-UR
3. Sylviculture & Agroforestry 1-OBC
4. Post Harvest Technology 1-SC, 1-UR
5. Floriculture & Landscaping 1-UR
6. Vegetable Crops 1-SC, 1-UR
7. Agril. Engineering 1-OBC
8. Statistics 1-UR
Total: 11

(F) College of Home Science, Tura, Meghalaya.


Sl. No. Discipline No. of Vacancy
I Professor 5
  Food Science & Nutrition 1 (UR)
  Clothing & Textiles 1 (UR)
  Family Resource Management 1 (UR)
  Home Science Extension Education 1 (OBC)
  Human Development 1 (UR)
II Associate Professor 6
1. Clothing & Textile 1-OBC, 1-UR
2. Food Science & Nutrition 1-UR
3. Human Development 1-SC, 1-UR
4. Family Resource Management 1-UR
III Assistant Professor 1
1. * Extension Education * 1-UR
  Total : 12

(G) College of Post Graduate Studies, Barapani, Meghalaya.

Sl. No. Name of the post No. of Vacancy
I Dean 1-UR
II Associate Professor 8
1. School of Natural Resource Management  
  i) Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry 1-UR
2. School of Crop Improvement  
  i) Crop Physiology 1-UR
  ii) Plant Breeding & Genetics 1-OBC
3. School of Crop Protection  
  i) Entomology 1-SC
  ii) Nematology 1-ST
  iii) Plant Pathology 1-UR
4. School of Social Sciences  
  i) Statistics 1-OBC
  ii) Agril. Business Management 1-OBC
  Total : 9

(H) College of Agril. Engineering & Post Harvest Technology, Ranipool, Sikkim.


Sl. No. Name of the post No. of Vacancy
I. Associate Professor & its equivalent position 6
1. Farm Power & Machinery (FPM)  
  i) Renewable Energy 1-SC
2. Processing & Food Engineering (PFE)  
  (i) Processing & Food Engg. 1-UR
  ii) Dairy Engg. 1-OBC
3. Soil & Water Engineering (SWE)  
  (i) Irrigation and Drainage Engg. 1-UR
  Associate Professor/Senior Scientist  
5. AICRP on ESA 1-UR
  Research Engineer(FMP)
II. Assistant Professor 1
1 * Post Harvest Engineering *1-UR
Total : 7

Candidates desirous of applying against the current teaching and non teaching posts, download the advertisement details and aplication form from the official website.

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